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Jamia Nadwiyya Training College owes her genesis and efflorescence to Kerala Nadwathul Mujahideen, the most progressive muslim religious organization founded in 1950. The college is established and maintained by the central committee of its organization. Jamia Nadwiyya trust board was constituted for the purpose. Dr. Usman Sahib, President of K.N.M was the chairman of the trust board which established the college.

our leaders


Dr Abdul Gafoor PK


As a principal here, I never considers as it my job, It's my happiness it's my believe . To spread light in thousands of students life, we gave you wings of excellence for achieving your goals. We dream a goal, Plan for that action and spread in to reality. With oceans of love we open a door of success to become a part with us!

  • Madani

    tp . abdullakoya madani

  • Noor

    noor muhammed noorsha

    managing trustee
  • Arif

    pv . arif

    vice chairman
  • Fazalullah

    dr.fazalulla anvari

    secretary trust board


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